Tips For Surviving The Cold With Chronic Pain Syndromes

Tips For Surviving The Cold With Chronic Pain Syndromes

Tips for surviving the cold weather with chronic pain syndromes:

Staying warm
Staying Warm:

  • Heating pads, hot water bottles, and microwaveable warmers can be used multiple times and provide relief to more specific locations such as the back, hip, and various joints.
  • A heavy down comforter is another excellent piece of wintertime equipment as it locks in heat, and can help keep your body warm throughout the night.
  • Carry hand and foot warmers. They can be purchased at local department stores in the sporting good section. This is a great way to help keep you warm during the day.
  • Preheat your car, and bring along a warm blanket for travel. (Remember to be safe, and never have a car running in a closed garage).
  • Be sure to dress cozy, and layer up!

Staying Active: Staying active

  • Light yoga, stretching, and movement can help keep joints and muscles from stiffening up during the day.
  • Swimming in a heated pool is also a great way to stay active in the cold. The warm water also can help relax stiff muscles.
  • Walking indoors, local malls are a wonderful resource to stay warm, and active.

Painful Flareups:Staying flareups

  •  The cold can cause muscle spasms, and nerve sensitivity, make sure you stay warm.
  • Also, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. Low vitamin D is linked to depression, pain sensitivity, and low energy. Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent during the winter months.
  •  Stay hydrated! Even mild dehydration can make you more sensitive to pain.
  • Stay safe. Remember to wear comfy non-slick shoes out. Ice and snow can cause falls leading to more pain.
  • Try massage therapy. Massage therapy can help blood flow, and relieve tired or strained muscles.

Remember to listen to your body, especially during the colder months. Your body is working extra hard to maintain temperature, and this can cause you to tire more easily. Allow yourself adequate time to rest. Take it easy and stay warm!

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