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Jc kit afable

Juan (Kit) Afable

Clinical Director

Kit started his passion for helping people when he began his studies for the priesthood. He studied for the Archdiocese of Louisville in Conception Seminary College where he earned his Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy, shortly after that he decided to pursue his passion for helping people through the field of Nursing. Kit earned his Bachelors Degree in Nursing at Spalding University in Louisville, KY.

After working in the Intensive Care setting for 3 years, he decided to specialize in the field of anesthesia. Kit earned his Graduated Degree at Texas Wesleyan University. After finishing his master degree program he started practicing at Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Kit soon decided to move and join the University of Kentucky, where he still presently provides Anesthesia.

When he is not working at Serenity Health or UK, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife BethAnn and co-owner of Serenity Health, along with his many fur babies on their family farm. Both Kit and BethAnn enjoy traveling, and exploring new adventures.

I’m very passionate about what we do here at Serenity Health. Unfortunately, I lost a very dear cousin of mine, Angela due to depression. When I was younger, I was unable to do anything to help her, but now that I can, and I want to help those who are in the same situation as she once was. No one should have to fight the battle of depression alone or feel as it is a hopeless cause. I want to help families, and patients suffering, and it is my hope that no other family has to endure the pain that suicide leaves behind.

Amanda (“Mandy”) Bliss


I’ve been a nurse practitioner since 2007 and am board-certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as both a family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner. I view mental health through a trauma-informed lens, and I take a holistic, evidence-based approach in caring for my clients. I strongly believe in the power of high-quality psychotherapy as an integral part of mental health care, personal growth, and healing.

Seeing the level of emotional trauma and distress among my fellow healthcare providers during COVID and how intensely my patients were suffering from anxiety and isolation during that same time compelled me to join the team at Serenity. I’m proud to provide high quality, compassionate, creative, cutting edge, evidence-based care to our clients. It’s an exciting time to work in the mental health field – I look forward to continuing to use emerging treatments to help our clients heal and re-engage with their lives.

” I have a knack for languages. I speak fluent Spanish and have lived, traveled, and worked in numerous Spanish-speaking countries and Spanish-speaking communities within the United States. Combining my love of languages and my love for botany, I also know the Latin names for most of the native hardwoods and spring ephemeral flowers in the region.”

Amanda bliss
Brittany martin

Brittany Martin


I am a Louisville native graduating from Manual High School (very much a Louisville thing to say). I received post-secondary education from the University of Louisville and Eastern Kentucky University. Before becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I worked as a Critical Care Nurse for 11 years. Eight of those 11 years I worked all over California and Arizona doing travel nursing. I spent most of the time in Santa Barbara where I just moved back from last July. I lost a close friend whom I worked with, to suicide a year ago and when I found Serenity, I knew it was where I was meant to be. I will always continue to work to honor her name by helping others in need. I love our collaborating team at Serenity Health and the support we give each other.

” I love a good podcast and playing Pokemon with my almost 6-year old son.”

Allie Gordon


I am a Shelby County native, where I graduated from Shelby County High School in 2007. Originally pursuing my education in Justice Administration/Forensics because of my intense interest in criminology, I decided that my calling was more appropriately directed into the field of nursing after witnessing friends and family members’ physical and mental health crises. I believe that I have much to contribute to the care and healing of others through my diverse background in both medicine and mental health.

I earned an associate degree in nursing from Jefferson Community and Technical College, a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Southeast, and a master’s degree from Spalding University in 2017. I am currently pursuing an additional psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner certification through Northern Kentucky University.

“I am a crime show enthusiast who loves spending free time traveling with my husband. My latest goal is to travel to all 50 United States and collect the Starbucks “Been There” series of mugs from each state. My biggest loves are coffee and chocolate, and if you can’t find me, I’m probably distracted talking to someone in the office.”
Allie gordon
Alison tempero

Alison Tempero, LCSW (Kentucky)

LCSW, LCAC (Indiana)

I am proud to have worked in social services for the past 17 years. I joined the Serenity Health team in October of 2022 following my work in Community Mental Health and Federally Qualified Health Centers in both Addiction Services and Mental/Behavioral Health Care. My focus on understanding and providing Trauma Informed Care has been paramount and I am proud to be part of a team and to provide Client Focused Integrative Care to all of our clients here at Serenity.

” I am the happy mom to some very active little dudes who keep me running at all times. I enjoy spending time with my rescue pup Indi and practicing Yoga for the past 25 years. Welcome.”

Patricia Briney

I am currently in my last year of undergrad at The University of Louisville studying Biology with the hopes of going to medical school in the near future. When I’m not in school I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and my cat, Mulch! I also love playing video games and spending time outside! I started in healthcare as an EMT and worked in the Kentucky 4-H camp system. A friend introduced me to Serenity and the work done here and I’ve been here since!
Patricia briney
Thelma bryant

Thelma Bryant

Certified Medical Assistant

I am dedicated to serving clients and creating a comfortable experience for everyone here at Serenity. I have been with Serenity since November of 2021; l enjoy meeting new people and seeing everyone making progress through doing things they enjoy in life. I find a connection with everyone in mental health because we all have mental health needs. I also like learning new things through reading and talking to people from different backgrounds.

“I speak 3 different African languages and 4 different dialogues.”

Ramya Kumar

Bio coming soon.
Ramya kumar
Michelle yates

Michelle Yates

Bio coming soon.

Danielle Doyle

Medical Receptionist
I joined Serenity Health because someone very close to me struggles with mental health. Fun Fact: I like to Ice skate.
Danielle doyle
Jazmine fomas

Jazmine Fomas

My administrative background covers a variety of industries including healthcare, finance and pharmaceutical. I joined Serenity Health in hopes of getting back to my roots in patient care and advocacy. I love listening to music, shopping, traveling and watching game shows with my family. My hobbies include self care and maintenance.

Alli Pope

Care Coordinator

I have worked in the medical field for the past 18 years, most of which were spent working in orthopedics along with arm and hand specialists. I joined the team at Serenity Health in April of 2023, as the patient care coordinator. I’m proud to be part of a team that strives to help patients with their mental health struggles. Mental health is a big priority in my life with my husband being a Marine Veteran, along with many of my family and friends that have served in the Armed Forces who live their lives with PTSD. I’ve had family members and friends who have lost their lives to suicide or have struggled with the thoughts of suicide.

” I am momma to crazy fur baby Petee. I’ve never seen a dog that loves watching movies and football as much as he does. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and traveling when I get the chance.”

Alli pope

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