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About Serenity Health

Serenity Health is an evidence-based center of excellence in a spa-like environment, rooted in the most current research which yields promising results with low dose ketamine infusions. Low-dose ketamine infusion therapy can be effective at relieving the debilitating symptoms of chronic pain syndromes including but not limited to: neuropathic pain, CRPS, refractory migraines, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, treatment-resistant depression & suicidal ideations. Low-dose ketamine infusions can redevelop the neural pathways in your brain that has been damaged by these particular syndromes over time.

In efforts to master the science and art of the unique treatment of ketamine infusion therapy, Serenity Health only focuses on IV ketamine. We collaborate with the top experts in their respective fields, such as neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain management specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists and primary care physicians to provide safe, individualized and effective care. This ensures the most successful treatment plan while closely monitoring our patients’ progress every step of the way.

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